Julie Martin Hayn

10 years of experience.

Expertise: Arts Administration. Public relations and publicity.

Brenton Benfield

Expertise:  Arts Administration, French Horn, Opera.  Manages ClassicalMusicCity.com content

5 years of experience.  Master of Music in Performance.  

Phyllis Freeman is the President of Molto Legato.  Her background as a performer, teacher, website developer and film producer and director gives her a unique insight into the hearts and minds of the individuals and organizations that make up the music industry. 

Our Goal

Our goal is to create and implement an effective social media marketing strategy to allow your business to reach a targeted audience.

Mitch Mitchell

Expertise:  Web development.  Skills include: CompTIA A+ Certification CompTIA Networking+ and CompTIA Security+ classes.  He knows a large array of different programming languages including: Javascript, HTML 5, CSS 3, PHP, SQL, Python, Ruby, C#, C++, XML, Java, and BASIC

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Digital marketing requires very specific skills and expertise.  We have 10 years experience building a web presence for organizations and individuals.  Our skill set includes content creation, both written and video, as well deep understanding of the music industry.  With Phyllis Freeman, you will have solutions to effectively promoting your message on the web

Our Strength

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Our team includes writers, graphic artists and people who are active within the industry as performers and teachers.  We know this market from the inside out.


Our Team


We employ our own distribution system.

Molto Legato distribution network includes our own websites and social media channels like ClassicalMusicCity.com, StringCrossings.com, and our affiliate partners ViolinPractice.com and more